June 2022

Diversity and inclusion in the new corporate governance code

The recently proposed tightening up of diversity and inclusion (D&I) within the Dutch corporate governance code goes quite far. In February 2022, the Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee presented its long-awaited consultation document containing proposals for updating the code to better reflect the changing zeitgeist. The core of the changes is the significantly greater attention to diversity and inclusion. Inclusion, the newly added concept, refers to "an organization's ability to create a culture in which every employee feels valued and respected, so that employees regardless of identity are given equal opportunities and the flow of diverse talent into the top is facilitated.” Many organizations will have to work hard to comply with the stricter code, but there are also opportunities, for example in the field of Environmental, Social and Governance policy. The renewed code can bring back the focus on the topic and the companies’ policies so they can positively distinguish themselves in the tight labor market, writes Stefan Duran. Read the full essay here.