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October 2021

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What we offer

elipsLife offers integrated solutions from a single source that meets our customers' needs. We help our customers protect their employees with customized solutions and service. Our products cover the financial consequences of illness and accident in the event of disability or death. All services are provided by one team in one system.  

elipsLife specialises in biometric risk insurance in select business-to-business markets.In the Dutch B2B life insurance market for business life insurance, we strengthen our relationships with customers and partners through our expertise and flexibility. Our focus is on the theme of 'sustainable employability'. Sustainable employability has everything to do with optimizing the greatest asset of companies: employees. 



Belgium Branch

Capellalaan 65
2132 JL Hoofddorp
Postbus 282
2130 AG Hoofddorp
T: +31 20 755 98 00
F: +31 20 755 98 99
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Our Belgium customers are served by our team from the Netherlands.