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Corporate Health Management (CHM)

Employee health is a precious asset – healthy, productive and motivated employees are the basis for competitiveness and corporate success. It is important for employers to focus on ensuring the well-being of their employees, and we can support you with our corporate health management (CHM).

CHM is the systematic alignment and optimisation of health-relevant factors in the workplace. By adapting structures and processes within the company, CHM creates favourable conditions for employee health. With so many conditions – including those affecting our mental health – taking a number of years to develop, the role of CHM is not only to prevent incapacity to work in the short term. The focus is also on the longer-term promotion of employee health.

CHM is particularly effective when appropriate measures are systematically planned, implemented and evaluated, and optimised on an ongoing basis. Prevention pays dividends. Not only does it improve performance and competitiveness, but prevention is also much cheaper than the costs of illness, accidents and fluctuation. The statistics on the matter are also clear: 2.6 fewer days of absence per year and employee thanks to CHM, 25% fewer stressed employees following implementation of CHM measures and a high return on investment on CHM expenditure.

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Against this backdrop, it is clear that employee health is a highly valuable asset – healthy, productive and motivated employees are the basis for competitiveness and corporate success. It is important for employers to focus on ensuring the well-being of their employees, and corporate health management (CHM) is the key.

Why corporate health management?

The figures are clear: 29% of employees feel exhausted, and 30% see stress outweighing their resources. 48% of disability pensions are the result of mental illness – and the phenomenon of stress costs employers in Switzerland around CHF 7.6 billion per year according to a study by Health Promotion Switzerland, Job Stress Index 2020.*

* Fact sheet, Job Stress Index 2020, indicators of stress among employees in Switzerland, published by: Health Promotion Switzerland

Why corporate health management with elipsLife?

Meaningful and relevant data
elipsLife bases its CHM measures on the evaluation of data it receives from the client, as well as on its own operational analyses and employee surveys. This results in a reliable set of data for taking the appropriate measures to achieve the client’s CHM objectives.

Competent advice throughout
elipsLife offers comprehensive CHM from a single source – from workplace health promotion to individual case prevention and sustainable reintegration. This seamless approach helps to make life easier for the client.

On hand at all times
elipsLife bridges the gap between general prevention and support in the event of illness through its expertise in individual case prevention. The combination of general and individual case prevention is a particular feature offered by elipsLife.

Experience in providing support to management
elipsLife has long-standing experience in accompanying and supporting managers with employees who are experiencing illness. elipsLife is familiar with the problems that the affected employees face, as well as with the concerns of the companies. 

Tailored, flexible and innovative
elipsLife’s knowledge and experience in the field of CHM form the basis for solutions tailored to individual client needs.

Our CHM services at a glance:

Client consultation
Advice and needs-based support in the area of workplace health management 
Initial consultation by telephone
Initial consultation on-site 
Needs assessment and analysis
Project support
Implementation of WHM within the company

Employee health survey
We offer anonymised employee health surveys to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company with regard to health-related working and workplace conditions. This enables us to highlight operational possibilities for enhancing employee health and well-being.

Training, courses and workshops tailored to client needs involving WHM topics such as: 
Healthy leadership
Early detection
Absence management
Return-to-work interviews

Keynotes/lunch learning
Information and awareness-raising about current WHM topics such as:
Work and health

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Information about corporate health management

Contact us for advice – the first consultation to evaluate your situation is free of charge. The CHM specialists at elipsLife will be happy to answer your questions!