Interview with Theo Iaponas, December 2022

Swiss Life and elipsLife are a perfect match

Theo Iaponas, Swiss Life International acquired elipsLife on 1 July. What have you encountered and what was your first impression of the elipsLife colleagues?
elipsLife is active in an attractive and healthy insurance market and its employees are very experienced. Their understanding of the market is excellent and they stand out through their great insurance know-how.

What are your expectations to elipsLife and its employees?
First of all, we need to deepen and further improve the collaboration between Swiss Life International and elipsLife. However, we must not lose sight of the focus on good cooperation with the partners. I expect the elipsLife employees to maintain their strong customer orientation and continue to provide services at a high level.

Where’d you set the priorities for the next year in the Swiss Market? 
The successful completion of the integration is in the foreground. We will therefore pay special attention to optimising the interaction between the different divisions. In terms of business results, profitable growth remains our main goal.

We are also identifying new opportunities in the market especially within the Short term Disability and Accident Market in Switzerland (KTG & UVG) and are convinced about the further growth potential in this market. If it is proving to be promising, we will press ahead with a rapid and powerful implementation thanks to our agile unit. 

With Swiss Life, there is a strong parent company behind elipsLife. How do elipsLife customers benefit from this?
Swiss Life International's financial stability is an advantage for everyone. In addition, as a primary insurer, we bring a great deal of experience in various insurance markets to the table. elipsLife customers will also benefit from Swiss Life's long-term relationships with a wide range of distribution partners in the various markets and the will to invest in the development of elipsLife for a sustainable customer value proposition .

How does elipsLife fit into the Swiss Life International strategy?
Swiss Life and elipsLife are a perfect match. Our strategy is to increase risk and fee income. This approach is an excellent fit with elipsLife. Thanks to our joint know-how of the employee benefits markets in Switzerland and Europe, we can make our business more efficient and once again improve customer service.

Personal Profile
Theo Iaponas
CEO Swiss Life Luxembourg SA and Head of Global Employee Benefits