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All risk products from a single source Alle Risikodeckungen aus einer Hand

Total solutions and first-class service

Solutions Overview

Insurance solutions for all client requirements and all services from a single team: the total-solution approach. Our clients benefit from our advice, administration, management services and in terms of costs.

Life Insurance

elipsLife and Prometeia, a research company, have conducted a comprehensive research study on biometric risks in Italy.


While competitors offer their insurance solutions via separate lines of business and different systems, elipsLife does this with one on-site team and one central system. The total-solution approach reduces the amount of coordination work required, makes life easier for our clients, and cuts costs. A comprehensive single-source service is the unique selling proposition of elipsLife.
Advantages - insurance from one source


elipsLife offers insurance to cover sickness, accident, disability and death. Many companies are faced by complex coverage issues that call for support by a flexible risk carrier. Whether these concern insurance issues related to the mobility of top managers, restructuring projects, mergers and acquisitions, converting a defined benefit scheme into a defined contribution scheme, securing company shares or guaranteeing vested rights - elipsLife has designed optimised risk transfer models for all problems.

elipsLife Products

Benefit and care management

In addition to customised insurance solutions, elipsLife also offers its customers a well-established care management programme. The range of services is constantly expanded and adjusted to customer needs. Currently, these services cover prevention (of sickness and accident) and the reintegration of sick persons and accident victims into professional life.


Care Management

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