We rely on highly qualified partners Wir setzen auf hochqualifizierte Partner

We rely on top partners


As an exclusive B2B insurer, elipsLife relies solely on first-class partners to handle its distribution. Our European markets are Switzerland/Liechtenstein, the Benelux countries, Germany, Ireland, and Italy.

B2B distribution

elipsLife focuses on the corporate client business (B2B), offering all insurance products that cover the financial consequences of illness and accidents in its markets. Our clients are pension funds, collective foundations, companies, and associations with between 500 and 10,000 employees.

B2B Distribution EN

Distribution strategy with first-class partners

As a B2B insurer, elipsLife works with first-class partners – brokers, experts, insurance companies, banks, and associations. The B2B distribution strategy is cost-effective and can be operated professionally – professionals talk to professionals.

Trust, flexibility, speed, and quality are key components of elipsLife’s cooperation with professional distribution partners. We place the very highest demands on our distribution partners. All of them possess outstanding insurance expertise and look after the entire product portfolio.