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Data Protection

Data protection

Data security and protection of your privacy is important to us.

In order to provide the contractual services, we need to use personal data of the insured. Data is collected, stored and used to process applications and contracts as well as settle insurance claims, assess the risk to be insured, review the obligation to pay out insurance benefits and, in the interest of all insurance clients, prevent insurance fraud. This can only be accomplished with the help of electronic data processing.

When processing your personal data, elipsLife strictly adheres to the respective applicable national regulations in the field of data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation. elipsLife observes the following principles:

1. Collection, processing and use of data

1.1 General principles
We collect, use and employ your personal data:

  • for the assigned purpose, i.e. elipsLife processes only data necessary for performing the statutory or contractually agreed tasks. elipsLife stores confidential data only for as long as necessary for achieving the intended purpose or for an additional period specified by law.
  • confidentially, i.e. confidential data is used solely for purposes that are specified at the time of collection, obvious from the circumstances or provided by law. Our employees are obliged to secrecy, compliance with the Liechtenstein Data Protection Act and to preservation of the Liechtenstein insurance secrecy. Confidential data is disclosed to authorised governmental institutions and authorities solely within the limits provided by law. Information that might require disclosure to third parties is disclosed only with your express consent.

1.2. Product application
In conjunction with your application, you entrust us with information necessary for processing the application and contract as well as settling insurance claims. For this purpose, elipsLife needs your consent. It governs handling of your personal data in a manner that is transparent.

1.3. Broker
If you obtained advice from a broker, they will submit the application for insurance to us along with the appropriate personal data. As long as your broker is your designated adviser, we will also disclose information regarding your contract while it is in effect.

1.4. Cooperation with third parties
For specific tasks, we cooperate with external service providers. These tasks include, for example:

  • Printing and sending out contract documents
  • Scanning correspondence (front scanning)
  • Tasks related to the purpose of paying out benefits
  • Data storage

These tasks can be performed by other elipsLife Group companies or service providers, a step that might include processing of health data. We keep a list of all elipsLife companies and service providers that collect and use data for us in accordance with an agreement. You can find them below.

2. Website

2.1. Data collection
You can move around anonymously on our website. As a general rule, elipsLife does not collect any data here. If we do, it will be obvious to you.

2.2. Use of cookies
elipsLife uses what is known as cookies to make its website as user-friendly as possible.

Cookies are small dimension text files that the Website sends to your device where they are stored and subsequently are sent back to the same Website at the next access. Cookies can either be of first party (installed directly by elipsLife) or of third party. Cookies allow you a user-friendly browsing through our websites. Generally, it is possible to globally block cookies nevertheless this would affect the functionality of the Website. All most recent browsers allow to modify the settings on cookies. Usually you may find them in the "menu" of your browser, clicking on "options" or "preferences". To understand how to set these preferences, you can have a look to the following links:

Google Chrome []
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To have more information on how to manage cookies through other browsers, it is advisable to have a look to online help file. If this information is not sufficient please see the "Help" section of your browser to have more details.

The Website uses the following cookies strictly necessary to the functionality of the Website itself. They are:

Session Cookies

Session Cookies are used in order to ensure the regular operation of the website. Session Cookies are stored only temporarily during a browsing session and are deleted from the user’s device when the browser is closed.

2.3. Collection of access data and IP addresses
When visiting our website, our web server routinely stores technical data such as your Internet protocol address (IP address), the operating system used, the browser you use, as well as the date and duration of your visit. Personal data is not stored unless you provide it to us voluntarily, for instance when using the online premium calculator. Technical data is stored on secured systems and separate from personal information. No deductions will be made regarding individual persons.

2.4. Open access and closed user groups
As a user of the Internet, you have unrestricted access to all public elipsLife websites. Access to specific areas is reserved for users with special authorisation. Reasons for such access are applications for clients and brokers and other closed user groups.

3. E-mail traffic
Unencrypted transfer of data via e-mail is not secure or appropriate for the exchange of personal data and other confidential information. If you disclose confidential data via e-mail without the proper preventive measures, elipsLife cannot rule out that unauthorised third parties access this information and as a result collect, use or falsify the data without your consent. If you nevertheless contact elipsLife via unencrypted e-mail, we assume that you expressly wish to communicate with us in this way. In this case you agree that we are permitted to respond to you via unencrypted e-mail in turn or send the information requested.

4. Data security
elipsLife takes reasonable technical and organisational measures to protect your data reliably from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation, illicit copies, unauthorised access or other data processing in contravention of the law. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that data are lost or intercepted and/or manipulated by unauthorised parties during transmission. Your computer or mobile device is located outside the secured area that can be controlled by elipsLife. For this reason elipsLife cannot assume any responsibility whatsoever for data security or data protection during transmission via the Internet. As the user, you are responsible for obtaining information about the safety precautions required and taking the appropriate measures. elipsLife ensures protection of your data as of the time said data arrives in our system.

5. Right to information and revocation
At your request, we inform you in writing whether your personal data is stored with us and if it is, the type of personal data. If there is incorrect data despite our efforts to store only correct and current data, we will correct such incorrect data at your request.

6. Questions about data protection/ways to contact us
If you have questions about the explanations regarding data protection, you may call the Data Protection Contact Person of elipsLife; the Data Protection Contact Person is also your contact for information requests, suggestions or complaints.

Elips Life Ltd, Irish branch office
College Park House, Nassau Street
Dublin 2

Telephone: +353 (0) 196 10 140
Fax: +353 (0) 196 10 149

The protection of your data is important to us.

When processing your personal data, elipsLife complies with Swiss and Liechtenstein data protection legislation as well as Liechtenstein insurance confidentiality and applies the following principles:

Processing and storage of data

elipsLife only processes the data it needs to in order to comply with its statutory or contractual obligations.

elipsLife only stores confidential data for as long as needed to perform the designated purpose or for longer only if prescribed by law.

Designated use and forwarding of personal data

Confidential data is used exclusively for the purposes given when the data was collected or for purposes evident from the circumstances or prescribed by law. Our employees are obliged to maintain secrecy and comply with the law on data protection as well as to observe Liechtenstein insurance confidentiality. Confidential data is transmitted to government institutions and authorities entitled to information only within the limits of the law. Data is only forwarded or disclosed to other third parties with your explicit consent.

Data security

elipsLife takes all the required technical and organisational measures to reliably protect your data against loss, destruction, distortion, manipulation, unauthorised copying, unauthorised access and other illegal acts of data processing. Data can nevertheless be lost or intercepted and/or manipulated by unauthorised parties during the transmission process. As your computer or mobile device falls outside the security zone that can be controlled by elipsLife, elipsLife does not accept any responsibility for data security or data protection when data is being transmitted over the internet. It is the user's responsibility to determine the necessary security precautions and initiate the required measures. elipsLife can only guarantee that your data enjoys the warranted protection from the time when the data is received by us.

Capture of access data and IP address

When you visit our website, our web server automatically stores some technical data such as your internet protocol address (IP address), the operating system that is used, the browser used by you and the date and time of your visit. No personal data is captured except for data provided to us voluntarily, for example when you use the online premium calculator. Technical data is stored separately from personal information on secure systems. No conclusions are drawn about the identity of individual persons. Such data is used anonymously and for statistical purposes only.


elipsLife uses what is known as cookies to make its website as user-friendly as possible. Cookies are units of information required for using our website that are temporarily saved on your computer's hard disk by your web browser.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. If you do not wish to receive any cookies, you can set your browser to deactivate the automatic acceptance of cookies or to only accept cookies upon your confirmation. The cookies used by elipsLife have a technical purpose only and are not used to store any personal information.

E-mail correspondence

The unencrypted transmission of data by e-mail is neither secure nor suitable for exchanging personal data or other confidential information. If you should disclose personal data by e-mail without taking the necessary security precautions, elipsLife cannot exclude the possibility that unauthorised third parties may access this information and collect, use or falsify the data without your consent. If you should nevertheless contact elipsLife by way of unencrypted e-mails, we will assume that you explicitly wish to communicate with us in this manner. In this case you accept that we may reply to your unencrypted e-mails in the same manner or transmit the requested information in unencrypted format.

Right to information and right of revocation

We will be happy to inform you on request whether and which of your personal data is stored by us. If the stored data should be wrong in spite of all our efforts to ensure their accuracy and relevance, we will gladly update the data at your request.

Questions on data protection

Please do not hesitate to contact elipsLife's Data Protection Officer if you should have any questions regarding the instructions on data protection. The Data Protection Officer is also at your service to provide information or listen to your complaints and suggestions.

Contact details

Data Protection Officer
Landstrasse 40
9495 Triesen
T: +423 239 95 55
F: +423 239 95 54