Top rating and new Board of Directors for elipsLife

A.M. Best Company has given the Swiss Re subsidiary Elips Life AG an A (a+) (outlook stable) rating. Jean-Jacques Henchoz is the new Chairman of the Board of Directors and successor to Peter Hasler.

Elips Life AG has recently received one of the highest ratings in the insurance sector from A.M. Best. This rating confirms the excellent financial position and solvency margin of elipsLife. Peter Hasler, Chairman of the Board of Directors, resigned in the wake of the acquisition by Swiss Re of 100% of the shares of elipsLife and is replaced by Jean-Jacques Henchoz of Swiss Re as the new Chairman.

The international insurance company Elips Life AG received the second-highest rating in the insurance sector of A (a+) (excellent) from A.M. Best, one of the leading independent global rating agencies for insurance companies. This rating confirms the good financial position and solid capital base of the company, which is additionally supported by the solidity and good rating of its parent company Swiss Re.

In its analysis A.M. Best also rated the company's position in the insurance sector as excellent and its employee benefits and private pension solutions for death and disability as very good. With the expansion of its activities and competence to include all sickness and accident insurance products available to companies, elipsLife has established itself as a one-stop provider of comprehensive insurance solutions. The cornerstone and strategy for international growth in the European markets have been laid.

Peter Hasler, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors, has resigned his position and elipsLife would like to thank him for his years of service since 2009. Jean-Jacques Henchoz, Head of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) division and member of the Group Management Board of Swiss Re since 1 March 2011 is taking over as Chairman of the Board of Directors. In spite of the recent changes elipsLife still represents constancy, and the two former Swiss Re directors Jos Cobben and Mario Lampert will remain on the Board of Directors of Elips Life AG.

Supported by its Board of Directors consisting of members of the parent company Swiss Re, the management of elipsLife is pursuing a sustainable forward strategy that focuses on flexibility, innovative power and security for its customers.

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